Fivestar Glass and Caulking is an Australian based company who aims to provide you with glass products for doors, windows etc, they also provide installation and repair. Let us discuss further more services provided by the Fivestar Glass and Caulking;

Pet Door:

Most of the people in this world love owning a pet which becomes their best friend. They take care of their every little thing, from providing them with food to providing them with their comfort. However, no matter how much comfort we provide them in our house, they are the most comfortable when we leave them free and they can roam around wherever they want. Pets are happy when they are outside playing in a garden, or going out to catch some insect but they cannot go out with the normal doors as opening them is out of their reach, so installing a pet door in your house is the best idea to leave your pet free and happy. At Fivestar Glass and Caulking, we provide the installation of cat doors which makes an easy way for your pet to pass through it.

Window Glass Replacement:

Sometimes accidents happen which break your window and it can be very harmful and can be very detrimental to you especially for the kids. The broken window glass can be very unpleasant when it comes to harsh weather conditions. At the time of storm of dust, all the dust can come inside your house which will leave everything dirty. Moreover, the sharp edges of the broken glass can easily cut through a human’s skin. Hence, it is essential to get window glass replacement as soon as possible. At Fivestar Glass and Caulking, we provide the best and reliable window glass replacement from Dandenong services at reasonable prices.

Shower Screen:

We all love spending time in showers because that is the best way to have peace and be whatever you want to. 97 per cent of the people in this world sing in the bathroom because they love to do so which they cannot do in front of others. However, sometimes because of a small space, we might accidentally smash the shower screen and not repairing it or not replacing it can be harmful. This is the reason we provide the installation of shower screens and we provide its repairing as well. We understand that the safety of a human being should be the priority so we install the strong and long-lasting shower screens which are not easily breakable.

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