Again, as we have just discussed the concept of the base in our previous article so the foundation is same as important and the base of any construction. The foundation comes and stands or you can say the most integrated element with a base is the foundation. Let me try to let you imagine the picture of the foundation in terms and in the context of construction. So, as you know that every building is based on pillars, roof, walls and ground, right? So, apart from the roofs which is stands over the walls and the walls are attached with the pillars coming from the base and the ground of the building so these pillars and the beam on which the roof is fixed are basically the foundation.

Now, the foundation makes a basic structure of the building which is comprises of base, pillars and the beam settings according to the architecture and the design of the building. If your base is strong and foundation is installed wrongly so no matter how much strong base you have got there is no advantage of that because foundation is not fully integrated with it which can makes several problems latter on and it is very high risk that the building is weaker and not recommended for the people to live or work.

Can foundation be compromised?

In an addition, many of the people tries to make customization even after having a different architecture plan, concept and designs. However, these customizations can be done and it has its own value because customization is some of the thing that required by every of the one. So, it is not recommended to make customization once after your base and foundation has been made according to your given design. Like for an example in the architecture and design the bathroom is at the left side of the room and now you need it onto the right side and at the right side there is a pillar which you cannot removed as it is attached with the base and if you do so then you are taking a high risk but still some of the people get it changes for some reason but they really do not know that what can be the outcome.

Well, it is not that you cannot make changes or make any customization but it is more concerned with the screw piles that have done the work as they knew all the artifacts and the facts behind. The professional and the expert screw piling will always consider to start making changes from the base that the foundation remains the same stronger. There are some tactics through which you can make changes even after construction is completed or when you wanted to make any kind of changes. Take a look at this that can help you to find a screw piles for your structures will be safe and secure.

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